Avoca Technical Limited

Avoca Technical has been a key supplier and converter of industrial textiles to the furniture & bedding and apparel industry.  Working closely with customers to develop new applications and provide sourced material solutions, Avoca has achieved considerable growth and has attained significant migration into other market sectors.
Supply partnerships with both domestic and overseas businesses have enabled us to expand into providing various specialist products for the furniture and bedding, apparel and automotive industries.  These products are either customised or bespoke in order to meet the precise demands of an increasing sophisticated market.
Avoca are able to technically advise customers and potential customers of the most appropriate fabric solutions available, whatever the proprietary technology or source. 
Therefore, we can closely match our customer requirements with an extensive range of alternative solutions.
Avoca has successfully developed, with its suppliers, a wide range of high quality woven and nonwoven fabrics of all technologies.  These include spunbonded fabrics, pocket spring cloths, needlepunch, textured polyesters, cottons and poly cottons all available with different finishes.
Finishes include : Fire Retardant Treated,  Laminated, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial, UV Stabilized and Isotropic.
Avoca supply a comprehensive range of high quality spunbond non-woven fabrics not only into the traditional textile related industries, but into Automotive, Filter and Geo-Textile markets.  Spunbond PPS is a highly versatile material that meets the need of a diverse range of products with excellent properties of a uniform surface and high tear strength.  The properties of the fabric are breathable, soft, light, chemical resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
Polyester spunbond is a manufactured sheet of randomly orientated polyester filaments, bonded by calendaring, needling, chemically or a combination of these methods.
Avoca Technical
Textile Suppliers to Furniture & Bedding, Apparel, Construction and Automotive Industries