Technical Characteristics of Avoca Gauntlets

  • The nonwoven fabric structure is reinforced to make it stiffer also giving it higher elasticity.
  • Fast and easy filling with powder or paste through wet and dry filling.
  • Low electrical resistance. Good resistance to electrochemical oxidation.
  • Excellent resistance to surface abrasion due to use of high quality raw materials.
  • Higher porosity of yarn density designed to achieve very even and minute holes to preserve the active mass and prevent it shedding.
  • The gauntlet offers glued edge protection against plate lateral short circuits by partially coating the end tubes. This protection is an efficient and more economical alternative to the sleeve technique.
  • Tubes can not only be made as round, but oval, elliptical, rectangular and square.

Non-Woven Gauntlet Technical Data

Description Unit of Measure Values
Fabric Spunbond Point bonded
Material   100% Polyester
Weight Fabric gms/square metre 145
Thickness mm 0.65
Internal Diameter mm Range from 4.95 – 8.70
Max External Diameter mm Range from 6.35 – 10
Max Over Salvedge mm Range from 139.50 – 198.00
Tube Pitch mm Range from 6.35 – 9.70
Length mm Customer Request
Fabric Width mm Range from 199 - 303
Number of tubes   Up to 30 tubes
Electrical Resistance mΩ*cm2 185
Resin % 15
Avoca can supply nonwoven gauntlets for all industrial application type batteries.  Please contact us for more information with your requirements.
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