Gauntlet Options



Gauntlets are available in may tube shapes as illustrated on the right.Gauntlets can be supplied in tube sizes upto 30 and other on request.
Our manufacturing equipment for sewing and gauntlet forming gives us total flexibilty. 

 We can adjust almost all of the fabric parameters to suit our customers individual requirents such as:

  • Fabric weight
  • Binder content

We can physically manufacture to any design requirement 

  • tube pitch, size, diameter(internal and external) and width
  • Gauntlet heights and number of tubes required
  • Selvedge size, lateral finish and edge protection

Edge Protection

Avoca are specialists in providing this particular method of gauntlet protection against short circuits.

The protection is necessary and recommended when battery manufactures choose to use veneer type separators rather than the conventional sleeves.

Protection of the outer positive plate tubes is made by applying a thin layer of adhesive type material which acts as an insulation.

The insulated surfaces then act as a barrier against lead particles which are freely floating within the cells electolyte.


Full half of end tubes of gauntlet to be insulated  


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