Avoca Services Limited

Since it commenced operations, Avoca Services have produced sewn gauntlet material for some of the world’s leading battery manufacturers.  This operation has expanded significantly in recent years and currently has the manufacturing capacity to produce 15 million linear meters per year, making us one of Europe’s largest producers of sewn fleece material.
A recent major capital investment program has enabled us to commence our formed gauntlet operation, providing new opportunities for growth in the industrial battery sector throughout the world.  Investment in bespoke state of the art technology provides new solutions to particular specialist demands that allow our customers to have continued confidence in our product and services resulting in high repeat business.

Non-Woven Gauntlets

Avoca’s non-woven gauntlets are suitable for both wet and dry filling operations.  Gauntlets are tailor-made to meet the individual requirements industry wide within the pluritubular positive plate retainer market.
The process to manufacture non-woven (cartridge-belt type) gauntlets consists of marrying two rolls of polyester non-woven fabric at predetermined pitches with a multi-needle sewing machine, then thermoforming the sewn roll into the desired tube geometry size.  The thermoforming procedure consists of inserting forming rods between the 2 layers of sewn gauntlet fabric that pass through a hot oven to enable the forming process of the product to take place.
Non-woven gauntlets are manufactured with 100% polyester high tenacity yarn, therefore, have a reduced mechanical resistance and elasticity, a lower percentage of acrylic resin and a lower rigidity.  They are recommended for industrial applications such as traction / semi-traction, flooded, Gel, AGM and also network power application batteries.
Our products can be tailored to individual customer specification, variations include :
  • Material weight
  • Resin binder content
  • Sewn pitch
  • Internal diameter
  • Gauntlet height and width
  • Glued edge protection
  • Selvedge edge, size and shape
  • Tube shape
Avoca Services
Producers of Sewn Gauntlet Material for Battery Manufacturers