Avoca Group Quality & Environment Standards

Our priority is to source and convert fabrics and a diversity of products to the highest quality whilst also considering our impact on the environment. Selected materials must meet or demonstrate our exact requirements of product quality and reliability however also consider during our production and shipping how much packaging we use. We are committed to excellence in all areas of our business and we are continually striving to provide the best service possible to all our customers.
Quality control and Environmental awareness follow a strict process at Avoca. The manufacturing equipment and machinery are bespoke and state of the art to cover every aspect of our growing business, and improving environmental performance are key drivers during the design of new machinery. Avoca will also ensure that its textile products and outsourced services meet the Customer’s expectations and comply with any relevant regulatory and legal requirements.
Specific quality and environmental objectives for the products and for customer service will be set and reviewed through management review meetings to achieve the agreed quality & environmental objectives and to ensure continual improvement, Avoca’s policies are to implement and maintain an effective quality & environmental management system that complies with International Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015 & BS EN ISO 14001:2015
Continual improvement must be achieved by regularly evaluating our products, service levels, internal operations and reviewing our environmental impacts & aspects. We must then identify actions to ensure quality & environmental objectives are achieved and that non-conformities are managed effectively.
The Avoca Group are proud to be accredited with the internationally accepted EN ISO 9001: 2015 & BS EN ISO 14001:2015 requirement.
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